Our Shipyard

From our 12.6-hectare Miri shipyard located in Kuala Baram, Sarawak, Malaysia, we are able to deliver up to 12 vessels (depending on the size and complexity of the OSVs). In line with the increase in demand for Nam Cheong’s vessels in recent years, we have outsourced the construction of vessels to selected shipyards in China. This has given us access to additional production capacities and Nam Cheong has successfully completed more than 100 vessels since 2007.

As a testimony to our commitment to quality standards in the management and operation of our Miri yard, we were awarded the ISO 9001:2000 (which has since been revised to ISO 9001:2008) certification in June 2007.

One of the criteria which we consider in selecting our PRC Contractors is their quality control procedure. Prior to their engagement as a PRC Contractor, we will conduct a review of their operations including the review of their management teams, capacity, quality control, project scheduling and financial capabilities.

We deploy our personnel to the shipyards of the PRC Contractors to monitor and oversee the entire vessel construction process to ensure that not only are the quality control procedures are adhered to, but that the vessels are also built in accordance with our customers’ specifications and design. Also, we have in place an established set of quality control and monitoring procedures for each stage of the vessel construction.